Live, Breath, Create…ART

Regrets, I have none!
I will continue to live out loud
you hear me!
I want to inject my world into yours
like universe colliding
energies revolving
I’ll share my self with you
and share my beer with you
I want you to live out side of your four walls
Share the space with someone
forget to close the door and refill the cup
let it over flow, let the doors swing open
who cares. Be free.
Have no regrets, no inhibitions
live life inside, and out
If your closet is full of thoughts,
let them out.
I’m sure you’re suffocating with them in you
Share your life, your goals your sadness
be involved in your neighbors conversation
and say fuck it! more often.
let your words fill that empty cup
let your energy surround someone else
let your mind invade another’s life
let shame, fear, embarrassment drop out the windows ledge.
regrets, what is that word?