Featured Artist: OLGA AYALA


Olga Ayala is an incredible artist with a broad background in many mediums. Her talent has been a form of inspiration that has opened imaginations, stolen hearts and melted barriers.
When I first stumbled upon her work I was truly enamored with her Claymation’s and the beauty came as a wonderful gift that was unwrapped piece by piece.
The more I saw her work the greater my admiration grew for her as an artist and a peer. Her individualism was so intense that you see that through her magical hands when she places her spirit and essence upon each piece that she creates.
Olga’s love for the arts has been within her since the tender age of 5 when she saw her mother draw of Mickey Mouse on a grocery list. She was immediately bitten by the art bug –the rest is history. As a very young child, Olga dreamed of becoming an artist and set on course to make her dreams a reality.
She comes from a beautiful background of Puerto Rican ancestors and was born and raised East Harlem, AKA El Barrio: Spanish Harlem in NYC –what she lovingly calls “the rhythm section.” She is the first generation of her family that was born in the states, and therefore considers herself a proud Newyorican!!
Olga’s biggest influences have been the many special people, events, cultures, and, moments over the course of the years of her life.
Currently a large part of her work is heavily influenced by reflections of modern and urban society and the customs of Puerto Rican music, dance, and history. Her inspiration stems from the history and roots of the various racial, cultural, and political aspects and traditions that come together to make up modern day Puerto Rico. She is also intrigued with the art and history of ancient cultures from around the world, and finds a lot of fun, humor, and, creativity in pop culture.
She’s experienced in a variety of fine art techniques and since discovering polymer clay in 1997, has been working with it ever since. Her rich Puerto Rican culture, sense of humor, and love of music strongly influence her pieces, as is evident in her work. She believes that art should be something not only to look at, but to touch and interact with. You will find much of her body of work consists of art that is functional as well as decorative. She also sculpts portraits depicting her subjects, and often times alter egos. She also dabbles in fine and figurative art while integrating her favorite medium, polymer clay, in just about everything she creates. Olga uses a variety of polymer clay techniques in her pieces. You can find her art work showing and selling at various venues nationally and internationally, and in cultural festivals and street fairs throughout the 5 boroughs of her native New York City and in her website: http://www.olgaayala.etsy.com
Olga Ayala considers her art style to be eclectic, given the fact that she loves working in mediums that are less likely to have been thought of as art tools. Most people who currently know of her work consider her an artisan; however she has only been creating functional art for the last 16 years. Olga considers herself an artist who just happens to employ functionality in her works.
You can order her designs on her website: http://www.olgaayala.etsy.com or contact her via email at olgaamano2@aol.com.









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