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Marthalicia Matarrita is a visual artist with a deep sense of heritage that stems from a Dominican mother and a Costa Rican father. Both of her parents and her two brothers were a huge source of influence upon her while growing up. Marthalicia’s mother was full of charisma and strength, her mother’s journey in life became important lessons for Marthalicia. She was a source of inspiration and strength Marthalicia looked up and admired her mother in a very profound way, she is her hero. Marthalicia’s father was a marine. His military and adaptation to survive in NYC gave her a lot of courage to emulate his tactics. She learned a lot through seeing him develop and advance in his career. while Marthalicia was Enrolled in LaGuardia High school, and S.U.N.Y New Paltz she decided to enlist herself to the Army National Guard. Marthalicia wanted to further her academics and help her finances. Her family was a pivotal force in her life and always encouraged her to keep reaching for her goals.

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Marthalicia was born in Manhattan and raised in Harlem. She traveled with her mother and two bothers from Massachusetts to N.Y. Staying there for a while. She also spent sometime living in the Dominican Republic with her siblings. Finally she returned back to her beloved stomping grounds “Harlem, N.Y” where she now currently resides with her young son.
Marthalicia Matarrita’s inspiration is spontaneous. All that she see’s and or feels turns into an artistic composition, a reaction to the information about not just her life, but also those around her. She listens and studies her surroundings. You will always find her in deep thought about life. She finds that having a daily conversation in her mind allows her creativity juices to flow.

While in High school Marthalicia Matarrita began using a sketch book to learn and capture her imagination’s creativity and whimsical side. It was also in High School when for the very first time she was introduced to working with a paint brushes, oil and acrylic paints. Oil paint and acrylic became very important and a very exciting medium that fascinated her. Learning to mix different types of mediums together gave her a satisfaction and a better understanding for her craft.

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In the art world, Marthalicia Matarrita highest influence’s have been Frida Khalo, Frances Beacon and Gustav Klimt.

Art and expression’s are a life time of experiences that reside in the depths of her on going art works. Placing her works in the dimensions of the very surreal. She breathe’s a magnificent rawness that pops in her works. Although her works are strong and present Marthalicia Matarrita has managed to capture a very soft depth to each one, her works are as beautiful as they are captivating. They take the viewer into a roller coaster of emotions.

Marthalicia Matarrita style is forever evolving, It captures her environment with hip hop and Graffiti, drawing and design and a black artist sketch book. She even creates on paper napkins. She manages to change her environment with a simple marker and a thought.

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Marthalicia Matarrita:
“I will always be channeling ideas and will manifest them in any way, shape or form at any given moment.”
“My work is a reflection of who I am”.

For more information on this artist please visit: marthaliciaart.blogspot.com
Contact Info: Email. MarthaliciaM@gmail.com




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