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Kathy Ostman-Magnusen was born in Colorado, she has been lucky to have wonderful and adventurous parents whom traveled from state to state and finally settling down in the state of California.
Kathy Ostman- Magnusen is a versatile artist that works on many different mediums, her works consist of oils,watercolors, silk and acrylics which are some of her prefered ones, she also creates sculptures that are formed with clay and metals.
Kathy began to paint for the first time when she was in high school, she would paint while hiding out in her bedroom. At that time her mother taken an oil painting class and Kathy managed to take the paints for herself in order to begin her works of art.10152650_10153996444245192_1588987250_n 1972448_10153993334595192_2113872649_n 1920245_10153861543495192_1736064908_n
Kathy Ostman-Magnusen biggest influences have been her parents whom were always doing creative things with her. Their unconditional support was crystal clear by encouraging and accepting her creative process in every step of the way.
Young Kathy Ostman-Magnusen used to create little plays, charging her neighbors .25 cents to come to see her perform. She finds humor and fondness in her memories of young self, dancing around while throwing scented dusting powder on her guest.
Verbal communication and visual imagery can trigger a driving force that can end up in a complete composition of a finished piece of art work. A creation is born under the most heighten of circumstances; Kathy has the ability to work with 1-7 pieces at a time. She is an enigma that can process and transcendent her energy upon the works that she creates.

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Kathy’s work style one that affect the viewer in almost a subliminal way, evoking a sense of undiscovered emotion and ideas. Her work is one that can be enjoyed for its unsaturated raw beauty, its depth hides within its layers dissolving inhibitions and bringing forth plenty of food for thought. Her written work is as powerful as her visual work. Her poetry can lure one in, sending the mind upon powerful visual imagery of her written work. It brings forth raw emotions while expressing a depth in a vague and very intimate way.

1689343_10153905124345192_1046308427_n 1661975_10153909213745192_1289052642_n 1609667_10153838481515192_43250100_n
Kathy Ostman-Magnusen considers her work to be an expressionistic one. Her work has also been part of self published and Illustrated story booklets; “Lost At Sea”, “Indian Symphonies”, “The Last Pack”. Kathy’s artwork has been in exhibit in several showcases throughout. She has presented her work in the Morris Library, UC Berkley, CA the Wailoa Center, Division of State Parks, Department of Land and Natural Resources and the Wailoa State Park, Hilo, Hawaii. Kathy’s work has been referenced for the publications of “Spirit of Hula” (color plate pg.-84 Author Leilani Petranek), “Women Who Do Too Much” cards (illustrator) Author: Anne Wilson Schaef), “The Sweet Revenge of Melissa Chavez” cover; author:Neil Davidson).

1522057_10153985681785192_1707960212_n 1511166_10153678102630192_1685926911_n 1511020_10153955832880192_1274602729_n
Kathy Ostman-Magnusen paints and sculpts her emotions while rendering her energy and essence upon her work. She loves creating life into her work, she feels that as individuals, we do the best we can in teaching, learning and understanding our very own human existence. In each one of her works, she tries to understand what causes flight and the idea of the possibilities not excluding the failures of what could have been.

968914_10152923859375192_1248883823_n 946019_10153373285130192_347137428_n 906720_10153369430870192_1773885873_o
As she firmly states: “That is how we learn to fly, each effort has a certain struggle to it; as does life itself…” LIFE TAKE ONE”.
In one sentence Kathy Ostman-Magnusen describes herself and her work: “I am a dichotomy, mostly to myself”.
“My artwork is an expression of passion the lies dormant or in huge lightning flashes, that arise if I allow”.

11199_10152647610555192_1626707031_n 45665_10153782111510192_932897824_n 46428_10152400562595192_365950466_n
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Featured Artist: AIDA CORRAL

71486_10152398820751745_5424256201213213503_n 10466792_10152453993381745_1484450478_n

Aida Corral is a multidisciplinary artist originally from New York City. She was born in Manhattan NYC, she grew up in Mexico City and has been living and working in Mexicali, Baja California since 1988.

Aida Corral started painting since she could remember, but she started seriously painting at the age of 13 years old. By this time she turned what was a hobby into a more serious reflection of a way of life. Her muse is the essence of living life to the fullest, often expressing herself through her art and her music. She pulls her inspiration from many places, some very public situations and many from her personal place, one that she calls her heart. Sometimes dreams, sometimes from the music she listens to. Aida’s ideal piece of art work is one that she creates to show beautiful things that bring forth good vibes and counteract the difficult reality of life on the frontier of life’s reality.
Aida Corral began her studies in art at the Institute of Fine Arts of the State headed by Professor Ruben Garcia Benavides. Since then Aida has exhibited her works in various group and solo art exhibitions.In 1991 Aida Corral began studying contemporary dance, she is currently a part of the UABC Choreographic Workshop which later branched out into a part of the independent dance company called “Lindero Norte” (“North boundary”).
In 2004 Aida Corral and her partner Sergio Vela work together in a contemporary Mexican music band that is named “La Pura Pulpa” (” The Pure Pulp”). Sergio is both her partner and a peer as his art has been one selected by the ‘Biennial University Plastic and Plastic Biennial State”. Sergio has been a fellow of PECDA (Incentives Program Creation and Artistic Development) three times, with “The Pure Pulp” and has become the beneficiary of PACMYC in 2004. Sergio Vela Currently directs Dunas Group Contemporary Dance Culture House, promoting his art work internationally and continuing to make music with “The Pure Pulp”.
In September 2014 Aida Corral has been selected to represent Mexico by the Christopher Columbus International Committee at the Mostra Internazionale, Artisti Del Vecchio e Nuovo Mondo, in Genoa, Italy, in September 2014. The Comitato Internazionale Cristoforo Colombo is a partnership that, through the figure of Christopher Columbus celebrated the ingenuity, professionalism, value of all the Italian Navy due to the great contribution of geographical discoveries, and to enhance and emphasize the importance Oct. 12, taking by historians and making the transition from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Modern Age, which eventually leads to an encounter between the past cultures and new world.
Aida Corral’s biggest influence have been Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, and Remedios Varo Erté, As well as her wonderful family whom she loves dearly. She considers her style to be a “Dream Expressionism”
When questioned Aida, “how would you describe yourself and your work?” She responded “Relentless” and her artwork “Legitimate!”
It is a pleasure to enjoy each and everyone of Aida Corral’s creations. Aida Corral’s style and uniqueness are both beautiful and captivating in a very dreamy way. They form a fantastically beautiful world for the viewer to admire. It is through her beautiful efforts that her creations take the art world into a dimension of soft clouds of cotton skies.

10443806_10152453989676745_898341589_n 10443765_10152453993636745_379792197_n 10438818_10152453989511745_777803688_n

Aida Corral es un artista multidisciplinaria originaria de la ciudad de Nueva York. Aida nació en Manhattan Nueva York, creció en la Ciudad de México y ha estado viviendo y trabajando en Mexicali, Baja California desde 1988.
Aida Corral comenzó a pintar desde que ella podía recordar, pero ella comenzó seriamente a pintar a la edad de 13 años. En ese momento se dio lo que era un hobby en un más grave reflejo de una forma de vida. Su musa es la esencia de vivir la vida al máximo, a menudo expresando a sí misma a través de su arte y su música. Ella saca su inspiración de muchos lugares aveces de forma de las situtaciones públicas como la vida cotidiana y otras mas intimas eh personales como su corazón. A veces los sueños, a veces a partir de la música que escucha. Aida le gusta crear piezas ideales que mostren lo mas hermoso de s interior para que atraigan buena onda y contrarrestar las dificultades de la vida Y la realidad.
Aida Corral comenzó sus estudios de arte en el Instituto de Bellas Artes del Estado dirigido por el profesor Rubén García Benavides. Desde entonces Aida ha expuesto sus obras en diversos grupos y como solista exhibitions de arte 1991. Aida Corral comenzó a estudiar danza contemporánea, que es actualmente una parte de la UABC Taller Coreográfico que más tarde se diversificó en una parte de la compañía de danza independiente llamada “Lindero Norte “.Desde 2004 Aida Corral y su compañero Sergio Vela trabajaron juntos en una banda de música mexicana contemporánea que se denomina “La Pura Pulpa”. Sergio es a la vez su pareja y su gran mentor, su arte ha sido seleccionado por la ‘Bienal Universidad de plástico y de plástico Bienal de Estado “. Sergio ha sido becario del PECDA (Programa de Incentivos de Creación y Desarrollo Artístico) tres veces, con” La pulpa pura “y se ha convertido en el beneficiario de PACMYC en 2004. Actualmente dirige Sergio Vela Grupo Dunas Danza Contemporánea Casa de la Cultura, la promoción de su obra de arte a nivel internacional y seguir haciendo música con” La pulpa pura “.
En septiembre de 2014 Aida Corral ha sido seleccionada para representar a México por el Comité Internacional de Cristóbal Colón en la Mostra Internazionale, Artisti Del Vecchio e Nuovo Mondo, en Génova, Italia, en septiembre de 2014. El Comitato Internazionale Cristoforo Colombo es una asociación que, a través de la figura de Cristóbal Colón celebra el ingenio, la profesionalidad, el valor de toda la marina italiana, debido a la gran contribución de los descubrimientos geográficos, y para mejorar y hacer hincapié en la importancia 12 de octubre.
Tomando por los historiadores y hacer la transición de la Edad Media, el Renacimiento y la Edad Moderna, que finalmente conduce a un encuentro entre las últimas culturas y nuevo mundo.Las mayores influencias del desarrollo de Aida Corral como artista, han sido Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, y Remedios Varo Erté, así como a su familia maravillosa a quien ama entrañablemente.
Aida Corral considera su estilo de arte “Un sueño Expresionismo”.
Cuando se le preguntó ah Aida “, ¿cómo te describierías a ti misma y tu trabajo de arte?”
-Ella respondió “Incesante” y su obra “legítimo”
El estilo y la singularidad de Aida Corral es a la vez hermosa y cautivadora. Ella crea con su arte un mundo muy hermoso para que el espectador admire. Es un placer disfrutar de cada una de las creaciones de Aida Corral las cuales con mucho esmero ella produce. Gracias a sus bellas creaciones el mundo del arte vuela sobre las nubes de algodon.

10438750_10152453993511745_1292548545_n 10432403_10152453990766745_1382427224_n 10429014_10152453993466745_2131360737_n 10416685_10152453991676745_1138618013_n

Aida Corral, Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

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Contact (Contacto): mujercaracol@hotmail.com