Featured Artist: PATRICIA ARIEL




Patricia Ariel was born and raised in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil where she lived for many years. Patricia was brought up with strong rooted influences that are the core of her personal maturity. Having lived in the working class of Rio De Janeiro she learned from a young age the wisdom and respect for the spiritual as well as the physical environment. It was easy to love and learn of the mystical world because she was present in many Afro-Brazilian rituals. She grew up within a powerful group of healers, exposing her to rituals of healing, channeling spirits, and later participating actively in spiritual seances. All of these colorful experiences marked her life very vividly, so much that she considers herself a cultural hybrid. The heavy influence of this spirituality became the pillar of her values which are very present in her artwork today and always.



Patricia Ariel began to paint when she was about three years old, she had a very imaginative childhood, and in spite of having a lot of fun with her brother and cousins, her favorite time was really spent on her own. She would spend many hours creating stories, characters, drawing comic books, reading, and listening to music. Patricia’s mother was very nurturing and encouraged her artistic interests. She would pay for drawing and dance classes, and would allow her to use their rooftop for rehearsals while Patricia was involved with theater and music activities. Patricia’s love for the arts has always been a consistent and unconditional desire to create. Patricia balanced her shyness and through her art, she grew to deal with many emotional issues throughout her life like depression and social phobia. She feels that art has been therapeutic and healing and honestly does not know where or how she would be right now if not for the arts. Patricia Ariel is a self-taught artist, with some formal instruction in visual arts, that including training in academic drawing and fashion design. In her early years her art has also been expressed through theater, dance, and music. Patricia is a hardworker, she worked in several jobs relating to visual communication and teaching. She later returned to school to study fashion design, and gained a degree in Art Education in her early 30’s. Patricia also had aspirations of becoming a graphic novel writter and illustrator so she wrote and illustrated a novel which she is hoping to publish one day. Although never published she thrilled in the idea of creation, she also started a project to teach arts to the poor children as her vision was to give and teach, although it did not grow this project remains part of her heart.Amber

In 2005 Patricia Ariel took the decision to move to the US to get married, because she felt limited in my self-expression due to the language barrier she saw the visual arts as her only career path for that time. She worked feverishly drawing and creating as much as she could. She wanted to show her work on the internet, and it was just a matter of time before she began to sell, making commissions, and having her work recognized and displayed everywhere. Meanwhile her daughter Isobel was born. She was divorced few years later and moved with her to the Northwest, where she lives and works now. She never thought about becoming a gallery artist. This happened way later, after she moved to the United States. She found it practical to incorporate her work within graphic design and fashion so that she would have a successful working career. Her decision to become a professional fine artist Patricia Ariel’s works are of many mediums, her favorites being acrylic and pencils. She also has dabbled in oil and watercolors


Her biggest artistic influences have been the Pre-Raphaelites and art nouveau artists and designers. Klimt, Schiele, Evelyn de Morgan, the Mackintoshes, all those fine folks of the 19th century and early 20ths. Dave McKean has a special spot in her altar.The type of work she creates is heavily reflective of her strong spiritual insights and connections with the mystism the beauty of nature, the magic of the psychic it diverse dimensions the symbolist and movement in the arts and literature. She finds that a big piece of her is still lost in those contemporary times. Music is also an inspiration to the beauty and expressiveness of the human body she finds it to be a sacred role and agent of our spiritual evolution and how it contains the universe in it. These mysteries inspire Patricia.



Her work is combined with the beauty of the human figure filled with dimensional patterns and expressive abstract designs. Patricia Ariel’s representation of the human form brings forth an uncanny realistic pressence of essence. Her realms of thoughts and imagination are combined with the realistic presence and the desire of dimensional dreams. She drowns her audience with pure electricity and fire. She is an artist that creates a vision of energy in it’s purest form. Her work leaves the viewer with a deeper sense of the human heart and it’s many conditons.Every element that appears in her images has a distinct symbolism or personal meaning.


Her inspiration comes from her spirituality, and all that it involves: the natural world, the bonds spirit/matter, life cycles, darkness and light, the symbolic languages like the Tarot and astrology, the human emotions and psyche. Patricia Ariel considers her work to be a platform for healing and used to label herself as a neosymbolism, but with growing interest in abstractionism and its incorporation to her figurative work. She states: ” I am becoming more and more confused about my artistic identity, I might find out someday”.

The word Patricia Ariel describes herself as, is: Movement.

Her work: metaphysical poetry.

-Patricia is currently a member of the Energy Art Movement.


Temple of The Soul – Bodies and Sacred Systems, group show. Alexi Era Gallery, St. Louis, MO.
The Bees Knees, group show. Alexi Era Gallery, St. Louis, MO.
Hidden Kingdoms, group show. The Dream Factory, Frankfurt, Germany.

Irrelevant Roots, a Copycat Violence Collective show. Thumbprint Gallery, La Jolla, CA.

Children of Roscharch,
group Show. Phone Booth Gallery, Long Beach, CA.


If you wish to learn more about this artist please visit the link:


Email: ariel@patricia-ariel.com

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