Featured Artist: SANDRA GONZALEZ

Sandra Gonzalez is an independent artist whom was born and raised in Tamaulipas,Mexico. She currently resides in Laredo, Texas. She comes from a strong educated and close family circle. Their love and influence has always been a constant reminder for her to continue striving and moving forward. Her family has always encouraged her to continue with her education, they moved to Laredo, Texas in 2000 in order to guide and support her wishes of fulfilling her artistic endeavors. Sandra’s drive for creating and learning has lead her to complete many of her desired goals and wishes.

12one afternoon in laredo
Sandra Gonzalez’s love for the arts was awakened during her earlier years. While in highs school she completed many creative courses and activities. She received a Masters degree in Fine Arts at “The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts”.

3Always Faithful, 2010. 30in x 40in
Sandra Gonzalez worked hard and received a two “State Art Awards” for her earlier pieces, winning two of these “2013 Master of Fine Arts” and “Painting & Drawing 2013 / Master of Fine Arts Thesis” titled: “Origins of Heritage and Culture” which explores the identity throughout Mexican textiles and Family garments” which was selected as one of the best written thesis in the last 10 years at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Her recent professional occupations were assisting on the creation and installation of murals for The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, being a studio assistant for Mr. Charles Burwell and teaching art workshops at different institutions in Philadelphia.
Sandra Gonzalez recently started teaching art at “The United Independent School District” in Laredo, Texas.

Sandra Gonzalez_Golden Memories, 2011. Mixed Media 24 x 24
Sandra’s art work consist of different mediums, she primarily likes to work with Acrylics and oils but on occasions her works have been composed of fabrics, photo collage and transfers.
She has also made soft sculptures and has worked with embossing and paper. Her works vary in texture and styles. Sandra loves pulling inspiration from her culture and thus likes working them into many of her works. Some of her pieces are put together using Mexican tiles and family garments. By creating these unique pieces she gives the viewer a more intimate look into and the idea that of moving forward, never loosing our essence but growing like a phoenix. The rebirth of our energy is not held blindly upon the garments, shoes, hair clips or ties that may be worn.

Sandra Gonzalez_Fading-Desapareciendo 30 x 52rootswithinme
Some of Sandra Gonzalez education history is composed of wonderful successful career choices she’s earned: A 2013 Master of Fine Arts, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Painting & Drawing. 2013 / Master of Fine Arts Thesis “Origins of Heritage and Culture”. A 2008 Bachelor of Arts, Texas A&M International University at Laredo, TX. All Level Certification / Studio Art. Magna Cum Laude. Phi Kappa Phi- All-Discipline Honor Society / Study Abroad / Summer Session I / Santa Reparata International School of Art / Florence, Italy. She also earned A “2006 Associate of Arts with a Major in Art” in Laredo Community College at Laredo, TX. Cum Laude.
Sandra Gozalez is currently involved as a High School Art Instructor she is a mural Assistant for the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, she is a Studio Assistant for Charles Burwell.
Sandra is also a Spanish Tutor Teacher for The Family Art Program at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, an after School Teacher for the high school program at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Still Life Painting College Based Course.


Sandra Gonzalez states: “The idea of “fiber” expands to include the way memory and emotion buils a personal identity; the very fiber of being. I literally emerged myself into my culture by covering my body with textiles and family garments. It is like an umbilical cord that links me to the past. Underneath these laborious painted garments, clothing disguises and reveals- it can reflect our innermost being or conceal it. In my work, the subject matter and my heritage are joined, creating an interaction of personal ideas and cultural concepts. Using Mexican textiles and family garments defines my identity, but it also branches out my subject matter by using fabric as a social metaphor where each garment is a collection of individual fibers forming a group/society”.


Her exhibits have been:
“SELECTED JURIED AND INVITATIONAL EXHIBITIONS” 2014 Abstraction ” A Seed on Diamond Gallery” in Philadelphia, PA. Corazon Sagrado also in “ChimMaya Gallery” in Los Angeles, CA
“Travel and Transportation Show” for ” The Plastic Club” in Philadelphia, PA
“Small Works Show” at ” The Plastic Club” in Philadelphia, PA 2013
“Feast” for ” Alumni Gallery” in Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.
Sandra Gonzalez was selected student for drawing portraits at the Lloyds of London Event at “The Hamilton Building” Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts 2012.
Assistant for Earl Parr Photography. Corpus Christi, TX. 2010-2011
Visiting Artist / Lecture at Bokenkamp Children’s Shelter. Corpus Christi, TX. 2010.

Instructor Assistant for Art Institute at TAMUCC- Elementary School and middle school Painting Workshop. Corpus Christi, TX. Summer 2009.
Art Gallery Assistant at TAMUCC. Corpus Christi, TX. 2009
Student Internship- Laredo Independent School District. All Level.
2006-2008. Texas A&M International University Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library Special Collections & Archives. Librarian/Federal College Workstudy-Community Service. 2006-2008.
For more information about further works and exhibits by this artist : http://www.sandragonzalezart.com

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