Featured Artist of the Month: MYRON DYAL

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Myron Dyal is a visual artist from Inglewood, California where he has resided all of his life. His works are distinguishable through the many forms of his personal interpretations, working from canvases, sculptures and daily interpretations of what his mind sees. He attended Inglewood High School and soon after graduating attended the “California State University” where he earned his BA in music. Myron’s studio is based in Chatsworth, CA where he is surrounded by the magic and wonders of the mountains, he loves this space very much because it is located in a small part of town near Downtown LA.

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When Myron Dyal was a young boy of only 4 he was in a coma, soon after he recovered he found out that he was afflicted with Seizures that persist to this very day. He has always loved music and started playing the piano and the violin at a very early age and through his time in college it was a simple transition to decide and strive for a degree in music composition. He has music on sound cloud which he has composed himself.

Myron Dyal Considers himself a mystical primordial artist because he only paints from his visions. Each one of his works are renderings of fragments that come through his minds eye. Myron works diligently so that he can capture every detail that has been shown to him, placing them on his personal drawing journals. He has over 7,000 drawings that have entailed 30 years of material. He later returns to each one individually so as to capture all of the details in his mind, thus creating a one of a kind element.
Myron Dyal believes that our waking reality is also part of a greater living conscious. He receives messages, visions and ideas that are caused through his temporal lobe epilepsy.Myron is aware of that his visions are verifiable by observation and knows that they are powerful and can have messages that can be decipher. But it is through these very experiences that gives him the inspiration to create, making the viewer part of a greater reality of which consensual reality is simply one layer of the many of which, he has been fortunate to have reached.Myron knows that the conscious state of being is a very thin line between what we believe reality to be and what he has come to realize or understand. He works on creating on a daily basis finding colors and mediums to best express his visions. His artworks began with simple pencil drawings and as he matured so did his work. He is very proud of his artistic abilities and knows that he has and will continue to get better as time passes.

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Myron Dyal’s work is an overall process of healing that he feels his unconscious mind produces and he feels it’s one that must be reproduced and internalized in order to go into the deep part of himself for more clarity and healing.
Myron has done artwork for “THE EPILEPSY FOUNDATION OF LOS ANGELS” and has been on their board of trustee’s for over ten years. Epilepsy has always been part of all his shows. Myron also gives lectures about this ailment and guides people with epilepsy to learn more about this condition.

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Myron Dyal has a gallery “LA LUZ DE JESUS”, however he exhibits his works mostly in museums, college, Universities and art centers all around the world. some which include the “IMOCA” museum, “The Cal State Fullerton”, The State Northbridge”,The Otis School Of Art and Design”, The University of Melbourne”, “Sonic Odyssey in Greece”,”Billy Shire Gallery”, “Occidental College” and on occasions at the: “La Luz De Jesus Gallery “.
When I asked Myron what his biggest influences where graciously responded “all of my influence comes from my inner mind”. “it all comes from my visions and my very mystical experiences”. He considers all of his works of equal importance because they are pieces of his most inner thoughts. Myron states “you could say that my work is surreal in nature, but to put it accurately “I a’m a visionary Artist!”. He never gets is “slump”because his work pours out of him every day and at times he feels he cannot get it all down fast enough!
Myron Dyal likes working with sculptures because he feels that the process can help him reach a 3 dimensional form that at times is lost when it’s on a flat surface. He also can see his vision and it’s influence and can feel free to dance it, perform rituals and live surrounded by it’s presence.

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Myron likes to go to museums that display the ancient worlds, loving the primitive works of art and cultures. He is very interested in the inner process of the human experience specially since he believes that his works come from similar worlds they are are some of his favorites and he is very drawn to their magic and wonder. Some examples are Van Gogh, Max Ernst, Rene Magritte, Joan Miro, Marc Chagall,Salvador Dali, Georgia O’Keeffee, Frida Kahlo, William Blake and Kienholz.
Myron is not worried about the “fine art” tag placed on many in the art industry and feels that as long as he is true to his work and he is able to follow his path he is in a very good position in life. Myron Dyal does not work on commissions, he has displayed his works. Myron never considered displaying his works of art until he was well into his 60’S, right up until then he considered his artwork his religion, his mysticism his underworld. It was part of him and his personal journey in healing and living. He had many friends in the art industry that encouraged him to display his work, so he decided to do it!! His first show was at “Grand Central Art and Center”. There he displayed over 70 of his works a complete retrospective. A book was also produce with and introduction by Clive Barker. Myron Dyal and Clive Barker later did a show together in “Otis College Of Art and Design”. He has also displayed his works at “La Luz De Jesus Gallery”.

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Myron is currently working on a 28 sculpture work called “THE PANTHEON QUARTET” . He is including written music that will be composed by his friend Dr. Jennifer Logan, she was also the one whom composed the music for the “Charon’s Pantheon” that was complied of 13 sculptures and is also part of the complete 28 piece artwork!. Other works that he is currently working on is 64 images for a limited edition set of cards of the “I CHING” or “The Book Of Changes” that is “a 5,000 year old Chinese book of power and wonder”, that Myron hopes will be done and published by the end of this year. Myron also aspires to bring to life his work on an E-Book that will be based on his life and experiences. He hopes this too will be done by 2016.
Myron Dyal doesn’t work on commissions, He is strictly dedicated upon bringing to life all of his creations that come from his higher self.
Some of his works are: “THE PANTHEON QUARTET”
For more information about this artist and his works: http://www.myrondyal.com
Contact: myrondyal@sbcglobal.net

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