Featured Artist Of the Month: ROBERTO OJEDA


Roberto Ojeda was born and raised in Loja, Ecuador. He is a visual artist residing and working out of Miami. Roberto came to study in the U.S. in the year 2000 and settled in to the Miami area. He loves the energy and vibe of the of Wynwood Art District of Miami, Florida. Which is home to over 70 galleries, museums and collections. It is a place where he finds inspiration and energy. Another one of his other favorite places That Roberto finds fascinating is the city of New York, he believes that when it comes to places, New York City is very much an amazing city to be in.
Roberto Ojeda is a talented photographer whom creates innovative and interesting scenes that he captures in his works. He brings forth a sense of sensuality, beauty and strength upon his many photos. On occasion he has worked on commission pieces like weddings and special family occasions. Roberto Ojeda finds it interesting and loves to mingle with people. He feels lucky in being able to interact directly with people and their personal space, thus helping him understand the human condition. He happily states ” I love the interactions of people in meaningful situations”.

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Although Roberto Ojeda has worked on many professional projects including weddings and highlighting special days for certain clients, he openly admits that he does not consider himself a “professional” photographer, he believes that word is more of a business word to clarify the level of experience one has. In fine art photography he prefers to simply consider himself an artist who expresses his ideas through a lens. As far as knowing, He has been a fan of the artistic expression ever since he can remember, but started playing around with ideas angles and lighting as of 5 years ago. He considers his style of work as the act of showing how delicate and intense a person can be once the clothes come of. He states “I a’m an artist addicted to the energy people have and the power light gives you to express it!”. The artistic influences whom Roberto Ojeda feels have been his biggest influences have been Helmut Newton, Joey Lawrence, Man Ray, Salvador Dali, Richard Avedon, Michaelangelo Buonarroti and Leonardo Da Vinci to name a few.
Roberto Ojeda’s inspiration comes from life and all that surrounds us, it comes from past artists that he admires and from things and ideas that he might want to give a different interpretation to, it also comes from experiences and dreams.

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Roberto Ojeda style of creativity is both unique and alluring each piece evolves with different elements. It depends, sometimes he chooses a model and develops a concept that suits her and other times Roberto may think of a concept and once having it clear in his mind he will look for the model to best fit the idea. The photos evolve and take a life of their own during the photo session, at times Roberto may begin with 2 or 3 ideas and then just let the idea grow and flow for the rest of the session.
When asked Roberto; “How do you get out of an artistic slump?
He simply answers “You keep working until it leaves you alone.”
Roberto Ojeda has a diverse variety of works, some very liberal and some very conservative. When asked which of these platforms does he find most rewarding he finds that creativity is his favorite muse. There are so many different ideas that can be open to interpretation and so his most sought out creation is as he casually stated; “The photograph I have not yet taken.”

DSC_3775 DSC_8525 Roberto Ojeda on occasion has collaborated his work for the benefit of others. He is currently being represented by “Art Fusion Galleries” located in Miami, Florida.

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