Featured Artist of the Month: ALEXANDER REYNOSO

hatprofilepaintAlexander Reynoso is our Featured Artist of the month, he was born in 1974 in the Bonao region of the Dominican Republic. He is a visual Artist whose work is fluid and full of multi layered energy. His work focuses on distorting reality and thus giving the viewer a subconscious approach into the depth of each one of his pieces. He states “It is about trying to find answers to a puzzle and following one’s own sense of logic in a way that excites the viewer, allowing each piece to become personal and full of self associations”. His Art works are a shared composition of journeys and struggles with himself and his audience.bab baby bang

He was raised in New York City, Harlem, but has recently moved to St. Petersburg, Florida in March. Although he realizes it was a huge life change he knew that it was important to find new beginnings and to seek more challenges and explore new experiences. Alexander hopes to visit all galleries and museums as it is part of his much needed journey towards seeking inspiration.bru cats dance diety

when Alexander resided in NYC, he enjoyed visiting the Lower East Side during “The Collage Movement” every Tuesday this was his second home bringing Harlem towards other parts of the city in movements like “El Barrio Pinta” (“The Barrio Paints”) at the famous “Camaradas Bar & Grill” this would take place every last Sunday of the month. He went to take part in those events over 4 years finding much inspiration, exposure and networking opportunities. Alexander Reynoso has exhibited work mostly in a form of shared space that has usually lasted 1 or two days. It has been a sort of “through the artist” movement where one can come and view the artist in a working situation.flo

Alexander Reynoso works in mixed media utilizing and incorporating any and all mediums that he has access to. He proudly states “Art is about building bridges, erecting temples and knocking them down, redefining the known, and discovering the imagination, or not.”

Alexander is always seeking new challenges, He states “I was an artist at birth using different mediums along the years”. He was a graphic artist and designer for 15 years, there he learned the professional programs working full force with experimenting his ideas upon the graphics, video editing, html and animation that he was able to work with. Learning how to develop conceptual design allowed him understand the structure of in a fully developed way and how to go about placing them unto canvas.Illustration peac

Alexander credits his cultural heritage and his move to New York City as the two greater influences on his work as an illustrator, painter, drawer and sculptor. He feels his mission as a visual Artist is to give others a moment of reflection, to provide a more intense questions as per the common reality of life. He shares his thoughts through the pigments and the raw lines in his sketches and art works. He states “I’m always questioning what I see, what I feel, what is right, I hope that my art provides an intense personal connection to the viewer, I don’t have an answer for everything but I’m always seeking and I want to share my journeys in a way that is both welcoming and inspiring to those who connect with my work.”glassesgirl

Each work that Alexander Reynoso works on evolves from inspiration, when he gets an idea he quickly starts a sketch or writes it down to experiment with the thought process and figure out what it is he wishes to accomplish. He then prints his references as a B/W in draft quality. Once this is done and the idea is fully or mostly developed he works through sheer motivation to make it a reality, retaining the idea in-mind he focuses on the concept rather than perfection. The same applies when he writes down his thoughts, Alexander never stops to think. He states “if you stop for a minute and loose focus, working on grammar and spelling, then I might loose the general idea and then work only the grammar and spelling!”, “I have came to realize that paintings are never perfect. If I worry too much on the little things, it’ll take longer than it should, at the end I can then, appreciate the pretty mistakes”. 

 The first process is intensely powerful as he exerts with heavy strokes and rapid movements. After applying a foundation he walks away to let it set and dry and also to take a moment to admire the raw strokes and the energy that he has placed on the canvas, It is like a work in learning process for he feels he grows and visual understanding on how to better apply for the next process. Often times he feels that a painting is yet to be completed, he enjoys applying new techniques which gives old paintings a new life. He happily states “each painting may end up in a variety of ways, as it is an experimental from the original idea”.

Alexander Reynoso admits that his supplies never limits him, he uses water color pencils, pastel sticks and acrylics. He first works with a large brush or pallet knife until he feels he has no need for it before going to the next size down. When asked “How do you get out of an artist slump? -he proudly states “never been in an artist slump!” “lol”.purp seeds

Alexander Reynoso considers his Art work to being serious in nature, but is also not to sure of how to label it. Maybe as he states “I take my art very seriously; however, I apply it in a playful manner”. “I have fun with strokes, even when I am illustrating caricatures”. He feels what makes him different from other artist is his timeline and how viewers are embodied in his life’s work, clearly he gives room to the viewer so that they too can find a bit of themselves in his works. He states “I can only state on how others describe my art, as I am in no position to talk about myself I prefer to be mysterious than to mislead”. In one word he describes his work and his work as “fun!”sing totem

Alexander Reynoso’s biggest both personal and artistic influence has been Marthalicia Mattarita, She is a visual artist based in the Bronx, NY. She first inspired Alexander to paint in front of a live audience. As he witnessed her do so many times, he admires her goals and dreams both as an artist and as a person. Alexander states “to know her for so long and to see her accomplish so many goals encourages me to follow the same path”.

Alexander Reynoso is an Artist with a clear path in his quest. He will continue to push the boundaries, conquering new and exciting works mediums and realities. His works of Art is a working process.

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