Featured Artist: DENNIS POTOKAR


Dennis Potokar

is an artist with a powerful message,

his works evoke emotion giving his audience and delightful treat for the mind.

His work is magnetic. It draw’s you in, and changes you with every stroke.

His ideas are so unique they engulf your mind into another dimension.



“My goal is to express art, sometimes logically, sometimes intuitively…
through metaphor and symbolism, which has meaning….
from my own life experience (hopefully) to yours.”



Dennis Potokar, where does your inspiration come from?
“The beauty in everything!”

-The fractal geometry that lays in the underlying structure of things that are around us in general.

The simplicity of the beauty in a landscape. Patterns their changes, they fascinate me, I see them everywhere.


“The result is a loving interest in placing human life in its real world, of beauty and constructive change and expressing higher values toward a more creative path than the one we are on now.”


Dennis Potokar has spent his time in several parts of the United States like Hawaii, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles. He also traveled abroad to Milan, Paris and throughout thirty-four other countries. Always searching and finding other art works that have inspired him.


His favorite influences right now are George Frederic Watts, Gustave Moreau, Jean Delville, Gustave Klimt. and William Blake.

Dennis Potokar considers his work to be an Earthy, holistic style, using contemplative symbolic abstraction and an emotional use of figures in a world based on fractal geometry.


He is involved in teaching, art direction, music, photography, and is a life-long painter. He dedicates all of his time to painting and creating.

Dennis Potokar is an artist who creates with paint. This is important to him in a world of intolerance, ignorance, and destructive evil, but also of astounding beauty and tranquility for those who have the desire to live it and make it real in life. That is why his creations are so rich and beautiful. Few artist have the brilliance and the depth by which he creates.

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