Featured Artist of the month: Xochiquetzal Linda Betanzos

10269549_722753137840581_5645286860259025461_n10748623_668294866619742_536442228_n   10744570_668294829953079_1567322442_n Xochiquetzal Linda Betanzos was born in Mexico City, Federal District. Her father is from Oaxaca, Mexico and her mother is from Michoacan, Mexico. Linda was raised for most of her younger life in Mexico City until the age of 18. At the age of 18 her mother decided to move from Mexico City to the United States. She has nostalgic memories of living in both countries, because of such an important transition from living in one place to another Linda has a sense of being neither here nor there. The cultures are both similar and very different at the same time, that is something that appealed to her senses. Her family life remained full of love and support. Her parents were always a pivotal point of freedom and expression that Linda felt where her strong roots. succubus llorona black widow 10754909_668348889947673_900379836_n10754816_668348823281013_175465525_n  10751909_668348996614329_226684666_nXochiquetzal Linda biggest Influences have been reached throughout her many experiences, she loves integrating her culture and finds it delightful to view natural and everyday life for inspirations.

Her inspiration comes from a simple phrase, word poem or photograph to a sad or joyful moment she may experience. Her family is the main source of support in establishing a strong healthy and creative foundation. Linda feels that everything has a reason for being, she finds that general objects tell a story, from the ground that she steps on to the birds flying high above, as well as the mundane objects like typical everyday items that most people ignore. She finds herself relating to fabrics and textures, colors and ribbons, window panes and old vintage rustic table or chairs. Sometimes teacups can produce a sense of nostalgia that bring forth a creation or an expression by which she finds her way back to art. 10749513_668349143280981_1437028520_n 10749541_668348769947685_1231241917_n Xochiquetzal Linda artistic influences have been sought out by finding ways to learn and find exposure about the many great artists like Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Gabriel Orozco, Salvador Dalí, Remedios Varo, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Fernando Botero are some of her very favorites. Linda loves finding herself in the world of art and thus finds creativity a pleasurable muse. 10736152_668349066614322_196788078_n 10744936_668290753286820_1605468711_n Xochiquetzal Linda Betanzos likes to work with many different mediums, she has works in canvas, arched paper and has also done body painting. Her works can be permanent fixtures as well as for temporary types of art. She has recently participated in an event called “THE CATRINA INK PRESENTS 2nd ANNIVERSARY” It consisted of live tattooing and live art show case. Her favorite medium is Oil, she finds the process interesting and likes that she can take her time with mixing and creating. She states: “it is a fascinating medium and I find that it relaxes me” 10744631_668348743281021_1152970539_n 10744546_668348789947683_916433599_n 974415_668349486614280_1404025096_n  15639_725621487553746_956515871241111720_n Linda started painting when she was 14, she learned with comics and television programs such as “the knights of the zodiac” and “Loony Tunes”. One of her fondest memories was on the day of her younger brothers birthday. She recalls that her mother encouraged her to draw something and make some decorations for the party. That day, Linda made several drawings and caricatures of Loony Tunes. She worked really hard and focused her attention to detail, when she was done she had a sense of accomplishment for her finished works where exactly as the original ones. It is then that she had an epiphany and realized that she had the ability to draw and so this gave her complete confidence and inspiration to continue her creative flight. 10751795_668349519947610_1658313100_n   10751665_668348966614332_1866532026_n Xochiquetzal Linda Betanzos style can range from realistic, surrealism and expressionism but she doesn’t wish to label her works she states: ” The truth is that I do not know which style to label my work, I paint my emotions and express myself through my work, so a label would limit my freedom or creation. 10735629_668349119947650_1585229790_n  10492176_725621577553737_1047501231806975298_n1959430_726064984176063_8768357795407004585_n 988469_725621504220411_2776164555310472458_n Linda states: “My artwork is wild, untamed, natural and organic, it is in many ways a form of nostalgic memory, it is sentimental and at the same time I like it to portray strength and fortitude. I hope that it moves others into a reflection of self awareness”. 10927906_717140005068561_173045890_n2 10927967_717140038401891_645187740_n

 10928730_717138451735383_18255778_n 10912943_717138445068717_1696184277_n  10904771_717142145068347_673648097_n 10881328_717142158401679_2136848701_n10917716_717142155068346_1596830464_n   10928685_717138805068681_1091743801_n     10927886_717138818402013_370680582_n At the moment Linda Betanzos (Xochiquetzal) is working towards getting more situated in the art community, she has on occasion integrated herself in several art events where she has displayed her body painting and some of her artworks. Linda is a multidimensional artist full of energy and love towards life and art. To contact this artist and learn more about her art and commissions: jimjanis79@hotmail.com